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Supplying Firewood to Burn in Hearths & Bonfires

There’s something extremely pleasant about a roaring bonfire when you go camping or spend a crisp fall evening in your backyard. When the winter weather moves in, your family stays warm by the glowing flames and embers in your fireplace. A beautiful fire is an essential part of many traditions and activities, whether you are toasting marshmallows, listening to the hiss and crackle of the logs, or watching the flames dance. Adrian's Tree and Landscape Services LLC is proud to contribute to your wilderness weekends, backyard bonfires, and holidays by the hearth. We supply customers in Davis County, Weber County, and Box Elder County, UT with ready-to-burn firewood. Our expertise in trees goes beyond their beauty and benefits in life. After they have been cut down, we carry on the trees’ usefulness by selling the wood. We carry various species of wood broken down into burnable sizes to fit firepits and fireplaces alike. The firewood is already dead and dry, so it is ready to burn whenever you decide to build a fire.


What Types of Wood Do You Sell?

Adrian's Tree and Landscape Services LLC keeps an inventory of fine wood from various species of trees, from tall and stoic oak trees to backyard fruit trees. We sell various quantities of firewood, depending on your wood-burning needs. Whether you need a truckload of wood to see you through winter, or a cord of firewood will do, we have you covered. Our company has pickup available for you to come and load the wood in your vehicle, or you can call us to learn more about our delivery options. Different woods offer pleasing smells and burning qualities, such as the quantity of smoke and how long they will burn. For instance, hardwoods, like oak, will burn slower and longer, which can be a great heat source.

You are welcome to ask our team about the different woods we provide and what you can expect from each type when you burn them. The types of wood we sell include the following options:

  • Applewood
  • Cherry Wood
  • Oak Wood
  • Elm Wood
  • Fuel Mix Wood
  • Wood Specifically for Burning

Box Elder County, UT’s Trusted Wood Source

If you need firewood for cooking, heat, or an evening for frivolities with family and friends, Adrian's Tree and Landscape Services LLC has ready-to-burn wood available in cords and truckloads. We are proud to contribute to your year-round enjoyment and comfort with high-quality firewood for your fire pit or hearth.

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