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Tree Services for Weber County, UT Customers

Your trees provide many benefits to your property and the environment, including cool shade on sunny days, beautiful blooming flowers, and delicious fruit you can enjoy. While they seem to take care of themselves, trees need professional care to help them thrive and stay healthy. Adrian's Tree and Landscape Services LLC provides tree services to property owners in Davis County, Box Elder County, and Weber County, UT. With our help, you can keep your grounds safe and comfortable with these leafy giants.


Essential Tree Care to Maintain Your Plant Life

Adrian's Tree and Landscape Services LLC understands caring for your trees is a task most people are not equipped to handle. We provide a variety of essential tree services, including the following:

Tree Removal

If you have a sick, dead, or horribly damaged tree in your yard, our team of tree specialists will remove it with minimal impact on your property and daily life. We cut it down using the industry’s best equipment to carefully break down the branches and trunk, and then we dispose of the wood.

Tree Trimming and Thinning

Trimming your tree is vital to its health and structure, as well as minimizing hazards like branches too close to your house or powerlines. With our thinning and trimming services, your trees have room to grow and flourish, and they maintain a better visual appeal.

Tree Planting and Transplanting

Your lawn might be barren of plant life or need shade, and trees provide beauty and relief from the blazing sun. Whether we plant a new tree on your property or transplant an existing one to a new location, we perform either task carefully to reduce damage to your grounds while ensuring the tree’s survival.

Fruit Tree Pruning

Fruit trees are a wonderful way to provide your household with fresh produce, and they look beautiful when they flower. Let our team take care of the pruning to keep your fruit trees in good health so that they can thrive and continue to grow delicious snacks for your family.

Hazardous Tree and Emergency Tree Removal

Trees can sometimes pose a threat to your home and your family’s safety. When dead branches are breaking off, or a lightning strike splits a limb from the trunk, our crew carefully removes the dangerous tree from your property. We are available 24 hours a day to provide emergency service.

Ready to Help Your Trees Stay Healthy

Whether you need simple trimming to make room for new growth or remove a dead tree from your yard, Adrian's Tree and Landscape Services LLC is ready to help you. Trust our highly skilled team to take care of your trees with the utmost concern for their health and your satisfaction.

Call Us 24 Hours a Day for Emergency Service