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Beautifying Weber County, UT With Grounds Maintenance

Whether you are a homeowner who desires a beautiful oasis in your backyard or a business owner who needs to keep your property appealing to customers, Adrian's Tree and Landscape Services LLC can help. The struggles of regularly managing your grounds include constantly trimming and shaping of bushes and hedges, pruning fruit trees to keep them well-shaped and healthy, and many other grueling chores. Let our team take those responsibilities off your hands with professional and affordable grounds maintenance in Davis County, Box Elder County, and Weber County, UT.


Our Collection of Maintenance Services

Adrian's Tree and Landscape Services LLC understands the time-consuming hassles of maintaining your property throughout the year. We help you free up your weekends by providing various grounds maintenance services that address all the essential factors to keep your fruit trees, bushes, hedges, and shrubs healthy and beautiful. You can reach out to us for any of the following services:

Bush, Shrub, and Hedge Trimming

Keeping your shrubs and hedges in good health requires periodic trimming to ensure they have space with airflow and room to grow. Trimming also gets rid of dead, damaged, or sick branches to prevent them from negatively affecting the rest of the plant. Our team carefully trims bushes, hedges, and shrubs to keep them healthy and thriving.

Fruit Tree Pruning

Caring for fruit trees calls for continual pruning to make sure the branches stay healthy and don’t overgrow. The weight from the fruit can also bog down the branches. With thorough pruning from our team, your fruit trees can stay healthy and beautiful, and they will continue to bear delicious treats.

Shaping and Pruning

If you leave your bushes, shrubs, and hedges to their own devices, they will grow into wild-looking, unkempt plants. You can prevent this eyesore by having us regularly shape and prune your bushes and hedges, so they look their best and complement the rest of your landscape. Our talented experts carefully perform shaping to keep your plant life even and beautiful.

Fruit Tree Removal

All plants are susceptible to disease, damage from storms, and infestations of insects and other pests. When you need a fruit tree removed from your property, our team carries out the process with the utmost concern for the surrounding lawn and landscape. We do our best to minimize the damage.

Enjoy Your Lawn & Landscape With Our Help

The team of lawn and landscape professionals at Adrian's Tree and Landscape Services LLC will keep your grounds maintained year-round at affordable rates. We make property care convenient for commercial and residential customers.

Call Us 24 Hours a Day for Emergency Service