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Professional Tree Planting & Transplanting

Planting and transplanting trees is a difficult and sometimes dangerous endeavor you should leave to the professionals. Trying to perform either of these tasks yourself can be more harmful than just consuming your weekend. It can lead to extensive damage to your property, injury to yourself or others, and the tree dying because it wasn’t properly planted. Adrian's Tree and Landscape Services LLC specializes in professional tree care. Tree planting and transplanting is a service in which we have ample experience. Our team handles young and mature trees and puts them carefully into the ground with the right soil compaction and care for them to recover and take root on your property. We have expertise in how and where to plant specific types of trees, as well as which trees will work best in your soil and climate. Tree relocation is a complicated process requiring experience to understand how to uproot the tree and replant it without damaging the roots or killing the plant. Adrian's Tree and Landscape Services LLC has spent years perfecting our versatile skillset, which makes our knowledgeable guidance and labor an invaluable asset to your trees’ growth and health.


Plant New Trees in Your Box Elder County, UT Yard

You can trust our experienced team to help you plant the right trees for your property using the proper techniques and in-depth understanding of preserving their lives. We consider every factor in the process to ensure your new tree flourishes in the local climate, enhances the curb appeal of your property, and helps you increase the property’s value. There are many reasons to plant trees native to our Utah landscape. Doing so supports the local ecosystem, reduces pest problems when compared to non-native trees, and gives them the best chance of survival.

Choosing the right tree also helps you prevent issues like roots growing and damaging your home’s foundation. We will determine the best distance to plant your new trees from your house or building. Using the right techniques and informed care after planting ensures the roots can grow in and keep your tree upright and healthy. A new tree can be a beautiful addition to your property that provides cooling shade, a jungle gym for children, and even fruit during the right season. Let the team at Adrian's Tree and Landscape Services LLC make sure your new plant life has the best chance of thriving.

Move a Tree to a New Location

If you decide to move a tree from one location on your property to another, our tree specialists will take all the necessary considerations. Successfully transplanting a tree depends on its size, the time to invest in the process, the necessary crew and equipment, and how difficult it will be to move the tree. We have experience transplanting young and mature, medium-sized trees, which is a complex and risky process requiring expert industry knowledge. Other factors to consider when moving a tree include when in the year to transplant it and what species it is. You can trust us to successfully transplant your trees in Davis County, Weber County, and Box Elder County, UT.

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